Architectural Visualization

If it’s a walk through the lobby of your future office complex, seeing a functioning model of your yet to be manufactured product, watching a family play together in the living room of their future home or simply flying freely through, around and about a fully scaled, 3D rendering of your architectural plans we make it happen.

Character Animation

To re-create those appearances in an animated and fictional character, hence breathing life in to it takes real talent. And to do it with style, speed, attention to detail and exactly to our clients’ specifications, well that’s where we come in.

Film Production

Real Image has been producing film and video for over 15 years, our work speaks for itself. From development, pre-production, production and all the way through post-production we do it all

Full HD Solutions

It is important to have the most seamless transition from concept to execution. That is where we come in. We involve our clients, help them to understand the best technical solutions and save them both time and money.

3D Modeling and Animation

With the right team of animators and 3D modeling experts we are only limited by our imaginations.

To Book any of these technical services Please contact us on Call Centre: 044054103 or whatsapp 0556714975